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Course of study and scheme of examination

Student admitted to the B.Ed degree shall study the following papers.

Core Papers - 3

Optional papers - 2

Elective paper - 1

Practice Teaching shall be a periode of 40 working days and they have to carry out all the practical works connected with theory and practice teaching. examination shall be held at the end of the accademic session.

Course of study

Group - 1 - Core papers

Group - 2 - Optional papers

Group -3 - Elective paper

Group - 1 - Core papers

Paper - I - Education in the Emerging Indian Society

Paper - II - Psychology of Learning and Human Development

Paper - III - Educational Innovations and Management

Group - 2 - Optional papers

Each student has to study first optional subject paper - 1, based on their parent discipline ( Major subject ) at the UG level and the second optional subject of study shall be based on their ancillary subjects paper - 1 or Teaching of Tamil paper - 1 or Teaching of English paper - 1, at the UG level

Teaching of English Paper - 1

Teaching of Tamil Paper - 1

Teaching of Mathematics Paper - 1

Teaching of Physical Science Paper - 1

Teaching of Biological Science Paper - 1

Teaching of History Paper - 1

Teaching of Commerce Paper - 1

Teaching of English Paper - II

Teaching of Tamil Paper - II

Teaching of Mathematics Paper - II

Teaching of Physical Science Paper - II

Teaching of Biological Science Paper - II

Teaching of History Paper - II

Teaching of Commerce Paper - II

Teaching Practice

As a Teacher in training, every student should complete 40 days of intensive teaching as directed by the Principal, in a recognized High school or Higher secondary school

The student - Teacher is expected to show full dedication, commitement and involvement in these sessions of teaching practice.

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